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Last Seen Flying In the Skies of Hazleton, PA | 155 Sticks of Butter

  • Mantequilla
  • Mantequilla

Mantequilla in English translates to butter, which could also be a way to describe how "The Lucha Hero" operates in the ring, as he is as smooth as butter with every movement.

Possessing a jaw dropping combination of speed, technical wizardry and breathtaking high risk maneuvers, Mantequilla best resembles a real life super hero. A fan favorite in Hazleton, Mante seems posed to continue to leave crowds breathless every time he takes to the air. 

Mante seems to be close friends with The Mane Event, as the trio have tagged together from time to time.

While "The Lucha Hero" has not had any championship reigns in Hazleton, he is a highly decorated competitor in the New York City area, including being a former House of Glory Crowl Jewel Champion. It is only a matter of time before Mante's success in New York translates to Hazleton.

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