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Nolo Kitano

The village hidden in the concrete | 160 LBS

  • Nolo Kitano
  • Mantequilla

Nolo Kitano is an exciting competitor who loves putting smiles on fans faces, but his upbringing wasn't always so fun-filled.

"The Ghetto Samurai"  was born and raised in the ghetto of the Bronx, and has seen plenty of violence and crime in his upbringing. He learned the ways of a samurai to stay pure to himself and never fall victim to the unrelenting streets. He has since gone on to use his samurai ways between the ropes, including in his fast paced offense.

Kitano used professional wrestling as a way out from the ghetto, and is now ready to make some serious noise in the PPW world. With a devastating offense like his coupled with an upbringing that caused him to grow up quick, "The Ghetto Samurai" is ready to ascend the ranks in between the purple and yellow ropes.

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