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Pat Sawyer

Sayre, PA | 317 Lbs

  • Phil Bravado
  • Paul Bo
  • E. Julius Keiper

The first thing that opponents notice about Pat Sawyer is his incredible height. Sawyer stands at an impressive 6 feet, 9 inches, easily making him the tallest full time competitor in PPW.


With his incredible stature, it is no surprise that Sawyer relies on a heavy dosage of power moves to wear down opponents. 

Currently aligned with Ryan Race in Undeniable, Sawyer is the muscle to the group. With his overwhelming power, Race decided to put "The Problem Solver" alongside Andy Header to form Team Undeniable, a perfect blend of Header's speed and Sawyer's strength. The two have enjoyed a decent amount of success together so far but only time will tell if there will be any championship reigns in their future.


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