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Philadelphia Playboy

From Your Girl's Bedroom | Weighing Less than Your Mom

  • Philadelphia Playboy
  • Philadelphia Playboy

Hide your wife. Hide your mother. Hide any woman you love. Once they lock eyes with the Philadelphia Playboy, it is all over.

Your girl's favorite wrestler hails has origins, as the name may imply, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of late however, he can be seen in your girl's bedroom.

PPW's resident heartthrob may focus the majority of his time gyrating his hips and handing out roses to all of the women in the crowd, but when the mask wearing Playboy actually wants to, he is more than capable within the squared circle. The major challenge is keeping him focused, as the man wearing the tie and superhero cape often worries more about swooning the ladies than he does about winning matches.

Win, lose, or draw, it is always a party when the Philadelphia Playboy comes to town.

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