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10 Current and Potential PPW Stars Who Could Answer The Mecca’s Open Challenge

By B.P. Burke

In case you missed it, PPW Heavyweight Champion The Mecca marked our maiden voyage at the Slatington Expo Center with a bombshell announcement: he was laying out an open challenge to anyone who dared try to take his championship from him. Griffin McCoy was the first to seize the opportunity, and he came up short due in no small part to a well-time Mecca kick below the belt.

The question on PPW Nation’s mind is a simple one: who will be the next star to take a run at the man at the top of the mountain.

Here are a few people to watch out for when The Mecca calls out his next opponent:

10. Moose

The 6’5” 300-pound self-professed wrestling god is no stranger to walking into PPW with gold strapped around his waist, but the gold in question was the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Title. While he has seen success in the PPW ring, the former NFL defensive lineman has yet to represent the PPW Nation as a champion. Could that change by answering The Mecca’s call?

9. Breaux Keller

It’d be irresponsible to mention Moose without mentioning his opponent on April 7th at Glory Days. Any listing of the greatest PPW Heavyweight Champions in history is complete without the man who held the gold for nearly a year between 2021 and 2022. Don’t forget: that historic title reign ended at the hands of The Mecca, and Keller has never truly gotten his revenge on the now two-time champion

8. Tom Mitchell

Still in his rookie year, it may seem too soon for Tom Mitchell to challenge for the PPW Heavyweight Title, but upsets in pro wrestling are plentiful, and stranger things have happened than this potential shocker. Mitchell would be an underdog in a challenge against The Mecca for sure, but the popular young star has never been one to shy away from a fight and is undoubtedly destined to get better with time. The only thing potentially holding the broadcaster turned competitor back? A bitter rivalry that only intensified when The Dark Horse’s music provided the distraction that cost Mitchell his shot at the Golden Ticket.

7. Samuray Del Sol

The former WWE United States champion made his mark in PPW in a big, big way with a hotly contested win over the Neon Ninja, Facade. While he’s more of a globetrotter than a regular presence in PPW at this point, many national stars that pay a visit to PPW can’t wait to come back, and the talented luchador may be thinking big if he makes a return trip.

6. Brian Kendrick

It’s recently been announced that the former WWE Tag Team and Cruiserweight champion will be making his PPW Return at Glory Days on April 7th in a hotly anticipated contest with Facade. While the Neon Ninja has to be paramount in Kendrick’s mind, if he can add a victory over one of PPW’s best, making a run at the heavyweight title  is the next logical step.

5 & 4. Joey Martinez & Vinny Mac

At Locked and Loaded, Championship Material came up a bit short in their bid to regain the PPW tag team titles for a third time, and it stands to reason that they may find the prospect of singles gold more alluring at this point. Martinez made it all the way to the finals of the PPW Heavyweight Title tournament back in 2021, and Vinny Mac has demonstrated himself to be just as capable as his partner. Could gold of a different kind be in one of their futures?

3. Clutch Adams