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4 Big Questions to be Answered at Badlands

By: B.P. Burke

4 - A contract signing couldn’t possibly get out of hand, could it?

Though tensions have been simmering since both were vying for the Golden Ticket that grants its holder a championship match at any time of their choosing, PPW’s resident powerhouse “American Muscle” Alec Odin has really drawn the ire of the golden ticket’s holder (and self-proclaimed real PPW champion) Clutch Adams over the past few months.

Things first escalated at PPW 100, when Odin and Brando Lee were able to defeat Adams and Mr. James, but Clutch especially took exception to Odin costing him a four-way match the following month at Sons of Liberty by breaking up his Clutch Touch submission hold. The bout would later be won by “The Neon Ninja” Facade.

Adams and Odin are set to meet one-on-one on September 9th at our 10th Anniversary Show and will sign on the dotted line for the match at Badlands. While signing paperwork sounds relatively mundane, contract signings in professional wrestling are like weddings and birthday parties: they tend to get out of hand quick!

After Adams cost Odin the Slatington Rumble at Sons of Liberty, you have to believe that Adams and Odin’s encounter will be anything but civil.

3. Can the Debuting Vetrano Brothers Stand Up to the Finest?

The tag team division was thrown into flux with Big Dan Champion being indefinitely suspended for his attack on Primal Fear’s Gabriel Hodder. Team B1G will be back in a (pardon the pun) big way soon enough, but they’ll return to see a tag team division more stacked with talent than ever before. PPW management is constantly scouting for new talent, and found some in the form of the debuting Vetrano Brothers, Stock & Mook.

The Vetranos will be getting a rough welcome, to say the least, in the form of 7-time former PPW Tag Team Champions, South Philly’s Finest. A win over a team with a reputation the caliber of SPF’s would undoubtedly vault the Vetranos to the top of the tag ranks literally overnight, but wins against the most decorated tag team in PPW history are notoriously hard to come by.

2. What’s going to give between Breaux Keller and Myles Hawkins?

Breaux Keller’s legacy in PPW is set in stone. The man who had the longest heavyweight title reign in the first decade of the company’s history is a sure-fire first ballot PPW Hall of Famer and a threat to win no matter what odds are stacked against him.

While he hasn’t established himself in a PPW right quite like Keller has,, “Mr. 99 Overall” Myles Hawkins made his presence felt in a strong, strong way by battling Keller to a time limit draw at Sons of Liberty, and looks to build on that by getting the win over the former champ at Badlands.

Not only would a win that big put Hawkins firmly on the map for the PPW Nation, but it’d have major ramifications for future title contention.

And speaking of title contention…

1. Can partners coexist in a wild tag team showdown?

One of the more intriguing matches on the Badlands card sees #1 Contender Adrien Soriano teaming not with his usual allies in Primal Fear, but with the very man who took his TV Title from him, Nolan Pierce. Their opponents are a similarly unlikely duo, PPW Heavyweight Champion The Mecca and the fast-rising phenom Dio Bando.

Mecca has cared little for alliances in the past (as evidenced by his parting ways with Mr. Ruda several months ago, and he knows full well that everyone in PPW - his own partner included - has designs on being the one to take his title and draw the “Meccade” to a close.

Indeed, the winning team may be the one that’s able to better coexist, but wins may be the furthest thing from the minds of Mecca and Soriano, who are likely chomping at the bit at the prospect of getting their hands on one another before their clash for the gold on September 9th’s Anniversary Show. More than anything, this could be a chance for both to get some VERY up close scouting on their opponent, as well as an opportunity to soften them up for their singles showdown four weeks later.

Those are four of the many questions headed into Badlands this Saturday. What’s not in question is that it’ll be a show you don’t want to miss! Tickets are still available at the shop section of this site, as well as at the door this Saturday at the Slatington Expo Center.

And if you can’t make it live, you can also catch the action on the Premier Streaming Network!


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