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Adams Must Put Money Where Mouth is Against CaZXL

By: Mitchell Frantz

Clutch Adams has been doing plenty of talking, particularly to PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James.

“The Spectacle” bashes the champion at every chance he gets, and truly believes that he should be the next PPW Heavyweight Champion. Whether it has been sneak attacks or simply using every second of screen time he gets to remind fans that Evander James has something that he desperately wants. Clutch is going to have a problem if he looks past his opponent at PPW VI, however. A very big problem. A seven foot tall problem, to be exact.

On Saturday, September 21st at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Clutch Adams will go up against CaZXL (formerly known as Big Cass)! That is not all, as the Queens native is not coming alone. In his corner will be none other than his tag team partner in WWE, nZo (formerly known as Enzo Amore)!

Alongside Amore, Cass won the NXT Tag Team of the Year Award in the year 2015. The big man was one half of one of the most popular acts on all of WWE television for most of 2016 and 2017. When he and Amore went separate ways, the 7-footer moved on to feud with former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Since both him and Amore parted ways with WWE, the duo reconnected on the independent circuit and have found success ever since. Now, making their way to Hazleton, the wildly loved duo are looking to reign supreme over the uber-confident Clutch Adams.

Both Adams and CaZXL can talk the talk, but which man will be victorious come September 21st?

Find out on Saturday, September 21st when PPW presents its 6th Anniversary Show! Appearing live alongside these three men will be former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir, former Impact Heavyweight and Ring of Honor World Champion Austin Aries, former WWE star Rhyno and former Impact star Madison Rayne! Tickets and specials are available now at !


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