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Andy Header Has Entered the PPW Resolution Rumble

By Scott Fineout

PPW has got word from Undeniable representative Ryan Race that Andy Header will be accepting his invitation from PPW to enter the PPW Resolution Rumble. Header has been the gatekeeper of sorts for PPW talent as the enter Hazleton to see if they have what it takes, but lately Header has gained more frustrated with that position.

Header is an incredibly skilled athlete who has recently been making more noise about his lack of championship opportunities in Hazleton. Header now has an opportunity to win the PPW Resolution Rumble and take on the PPW Heavyweight Champion in April at PPW Super Show 3 – which at this current time is fellow-Undeniable leader Clutch Adams.

The question remains as to what will prevail between Header. Will he be a loyal soldier he has continued to be for some time now, or will the chance at becoming the PPW Heavyweight Champion be more than he can pass up? It remains to be seen where Andy Header's head is leading into this contest.

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