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Banks, Kitano, Vinyer, And Mantequilla All Vie For Shot At TV Title

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

As announced by Freddy Ackers earlier in the week, PPW management has set up two four-way matches to determine the No. 1 contender to Johnny Moran’s PPW WYLN TV Championship at PPW Super Show 3 in April. That is if Moran can hold onto the title until the Super Show.

The second of those matches pits two relative newcomers to PPW against two veterans. It is Nolo Kitano vs. Chris Banks vs. Foxx Vinyer vs. Mantequilla for a shot at the title.

Kitano has been impressive in his short time in PPW, defeating “The Lucha Hero” back in his debut at PPW Fight Night in October. From there he defeated Andy Header at PPW Resistance in December before battling in the PPW Resolution Rumble.

Chris Banks made his debut alongside JJ Adams in a losing effort to Sambo Show at PPW Resistance, before falling in a tag-team match alongside the Punk Rock All Stars against Sambo Show and WWE legend Billy Gunn. Banks is looking to make a name for himself in this match and as he put it, “catch eyes and win championships.” We will see if Banks can indeed do that at PPW Countdown.

The “Firework” Foxx Vinyer is a fan favorite and a former PPW No Limits Champion, potentially giving him an edge coming into the match, having been there done that. Vinyer made it clear coming into 2020 that he wanted to win more gold, and this match is the perfect chance to start towards that goal.

“The Lucha Hero” and man weighing 155 sticks of butter Mantequilla is another fan favorite in PPW. We last saw Mantequilla battling in the PPW Resolution Rumble, as well as defeating Sebastian Cage at PPW Resistance in December. “The Lucha Hero” is looking to get his first taste of gold in PPW.

The winner of this match will take on whoever the winner of the other four-way match is between Isaak Ruhl, Andy Header, Rembrandt, and Vinny Pacifico in March to see who will wrestle for the WYLN TV Championship at PPW Super Show 3 in April.

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