Beyond the Canvas: Jason King

By: Tom Mitchell

Beyond the Canvas is a monthly interview series PPW’s backstage announcer, Tom Mitchell, will present to fans in anticipation for the next show. At the end, Mitchell will offer his opinion on what the PPW superstar has to stay. The second guest this month will be “The Devil’s Favorite Reject” Jason King. To read the interview with Evander James, click here.

King has been a member of the PPW roster since October of 2018. Ever since his debut. He has solely been focused on removing Undeniable from Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling. What this edition of Beyond the Canvas plans to show is who the man behind the leather jacket is and his motives for being in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling.

Interview with Jason King

Tom Mitchell: Hi Jason. Thanks for letting me interview you for Beyond the Canvas. Now, obviously you and Undeniable have an extensive history. Where did these issues begin?

Jason King: The issues with Undeniable? I do not have issues with Undeniable as a group. I have Issues with Ryan Race. The issues date back to 2008, and that’s what I don’t think everybody understands. Everybody thinks I just came out of the rafters one day and attacked his crew just to get my foot in the door or make a name or whatever it was, but that’s not the case. I have a very crooked submission here and it’s directed at Ryan and only Ryan. People in his group are just casualties of their guilt by association, unfortunately. I don’t care who they are. I’m not mad at John Wes. I’m not mad at Clutch Adams. I’m not mad at any of them. They’re just associated with the wrong guy at the wrong time.

Tom: So, as you mentioned, Ryan is the most hated member of the group for you. But you don’t actually hate any of his