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Big Game Players Enter PPW Tag Team Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

Leroy Green and Big Daddy Cruz, known collectively as the Big Game Players, are the newest team to officially declare for the PPW Tag Team Rumble!

Leroy Green, who measures at 5'11" and weighs 170 pounds, is known for being a huge video game junkie. The man comes to the ring and is announced that he is from the local arcade for that matter. "Big Game Leroy" uses not only video games, but also anime references and showmanship to help him gain a competitive advantage over his opposition. He is also known for his wits and for his quickness, which also give him a boost.

Big Daddy Cruz, as the name might imply, is a very large man. Standing at 5'9" but weighing 335 pounds, Cruz is the heavy hitter of the team. The freight train from the Top of Lust Mountain also has deceptive agility, as he can take to the air and fly when he needs to.

The two men have a devastating tag team finisher called the Princess Mistress. The move is when Cruz has an opponent up on his shoulders in a fireman's carry and "Big Game Leroy" double stomps onto the opposition's chest. Cruz then immediately follows up with a Death Valley Driver into the corner, leaving the opponent either knocked out or in excruciating pain.

The two became partners a while back because the men bonded over their love of video games. "The Smooth Operator" Cruz is known for being quite the love magnet to women of all shapes and sizes, so while Leroy teaches Cruz about video game tactics, Big Daddy Cruz is teaching Green how to woo any girl he pleases.

This beloved and fun team will be in action on June 22nd at PPW Destiny! Tickets for the event are available now at!


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