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Blue Meanie Highlights 6 Man Tag Match

By: Mitchell Frantz

A fun-filled tag team match is set to take place at Resistance when Blue Meanie teams Foxx Vinyer and the returning Draven Blaze to take on PPW No Limits Champion Isaak Ruhl and the Titan Outlaws!

The match will be anything but fun for the no-nonsense team of Ruhl, Bo Nekoda and Bull Hightower.

"The German Juggernaut" is an imposing figure as champion, using his connections to Ryan Race as well as his unbelievable power to bully opponents.

The Titan Outlaws quickly made a name for themselves in PPW as well. After a long hiatus, the pair came back to PPW in Honesdale and immediately stepped up to challenge Chris Masters and Drew Adams.

Foxx Vinyer will do most of the heavy lifting for his team, as the former Ring of Honor star wants to get his hands on Ruhl and make a statement to set up a championship rematch. The Blue Meanie still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve as well, so do not count "Da Blue Guy" out at all.

Which team will wind up victorious?

Find out on Saturday, December 21st when PPW presents Resistance! Also set to appear are people like former Ring of Honor star Veda Scott, PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, “The Neon Ninja” Facade, Dani Mo, PPW Television Champion Johnny Moran, PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie, PPW Tag Team Champions The Mane Event, Sebastian Cage, KC Navarro and more! Tickets are available now at!


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