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BREAKING: 2 Cold Scorpio Arriving in May

By: Nick Uliana

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling events have been no stranger to some of the biggest names in the industry and sport of professional wrestling. May 18th will certainly be no different. One of these big names is 2 Cold Scorpio, a competitor who is as well traveled as any competitor that has stepped into the PPW ring.

2 Cold Scorpio started his career in 1992 at World Championship Wrestling (WCW). His time in WCW was highlighted by a run tag teaming with Marcus Alexander Bagwell, who would go onto be known as simply Buff Bagwell.

Following his time in WCW, Scorpio would go onto to compete in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) where he would see great success obtaining the ECW TV Championship on 4 separate occasions, and the ECW Tag Team title once, teaming with ECW legend the Sandman.

Following his run in ECW, Scorpio would move onto the WWE. In WWE, he would join the J.O.B. Squad with Al Snow, Bob Holly and the Blue Meanie. Scorpio is the final member of the J.O.B. Squad to appear in Hazleton, as the other three have all wrestled in a PPW ring before.

Following his time in the WWE, Scorpio spend time in Pro Wrestling NOAH, and has competed all over the US and the world.

Come see this world class competitor on May 18th at the PPW home arena, Holy Family Academy.

Tickets for the event are not on sale yet, but they will soon be available. In the meantime, tickets to PPW Super Show II can be found at


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