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BREAKING: Sean Maluta Coming in June and July

By: Nick Uliana

SuperShow II will provide many competitors with opprtunitites to define their career, whether they are a seasoned PPW competitor or a competitor making their PPW debut. Sean Maluta falls into the latter category, making his PPW debut on June 22nd, 2019 at the PPW home arena, the Holy Family Academy at PPW Destiny. Maluta will also be appearing in PPW on July 20th, 2019.

Maluta brings with him to PPW a distinguished resume. This resume features several accolades including an explosive list of former opponents, many of whom are among the top competitors in professional wrestling. They include competitors such as Kota Ibushi, Bobby Roode and Tajiri. Maluta also competed in the first ever Crusiserweight Classic held by WWE. Also included in this established resume are 3 different stints with the World Xtreme Wrestling (WXW) Heavyweight Championship. Maluta's resume also features a run with WXW TV Championship, as well as 3 separate stints with the WXW Cruiserweight Championship. Maluta also won the 2017 Wild Samonan Tag Team Tournamanet with his partner Johnny Mangue as The Island Kings.

Finally, Maluta looks to defend not just his own legacy and resume when he steps into the PPW ring June 22nd, 2019 and again on July 20th,2019, he will look to the defend the legacy of his family. Maluta comes from the Anoai family, and was trained by Afa Anoai, who also trained WWE Legends The Rock and Batista. The Anoai family is one of professional wrestling's royal families who`s members include Roman Regins, The Rock, Jimmy and Jey Uso and Rikishi.

Watch Sean Maluta create his own legacy as he makes his PPW debut at June 22nd, 2019. While tickets for the June and July show are not available yet, tickets for PPW Super Show II are available now! Find tickets at


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