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Carr Barely Escapes as PPW Heavyweight Champion; Full New Beginnings Results

By: Mitchell Frantz

New Beginnings might of been home to the best match in PPW history.

Calling it a match does not serve the 6-man ladder match justice, as it was more of a beautiful car crash. Sean Carr, Mike Orlando, Tony Storm, Cody Vance, Sam Adams and KC Navarro all destroyed their bodies for the opportunity to become PPW Heavyweight Champion.

There was KC Navarro spinning around with a ladder on his head, knocking out everyone in sight. Then there was the moment when The Skyreaper got speared out of mid air by Mike Orlando. The match saw Allie Recks get superkicked by Sean Carr. It also saw Orlando German suplex Navarro into the four other men outside the ring. Tables were broken.

However, when the match came to its thrilling conclusion, it was The Green Machine who scaled the ladder and unlatched the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

Or did he?

As Orlando ripped the most prestigious prize in all of Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling down, he fumbled the championship and it dropped into the arms of Sean Carr who Orlando had pinned underneath the ladder. Carr grabbed the championship as it was falling down, and the referee at ringside declared the Hybrid the winner.

Despite all of the enemies that were made, Carr was able to weasel his way out of the Holy Family Academy as the PPW Heavyweight Champion still.

The night was full of plenty of other twist and turns, such as the Arrogance of Excellence becoming the brand new PPW Tag Team Champions. The referee for the contest did not see the blatant interference by Miranda Vionette, which gave Clutch Adams and Johnny Moran the perfect opportunity to put South Philly’s Finest away for good.

Elsewhere on the card, PPW was able to only win one of the three Impact vs PPW matches. PPW Women’s Champion Christina Marie was unable to get past “The Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux. Elsewhere, Evander James could not overcome the massive size advantage possessed by Fallah Bahh. Desean Pratt, however, continued his huge wave of momentum and defeated Impact star KM in singles action. After the match though, Pratt continued the beatdown until Fallah Bahh, KM’s tag team partner, came in and chased The Prince of Camden out of the squared circle. In consecutive months now, Pratt has picked up two massive victories. First against Lucha Underground star Drago, and now more recently against Impact star KM.

As for Impact, the Anthem-owned promotion had 3 amazing matches. Sami Callihan unsuccessfully challenged Rich Swann for the X-Division Championship, Eddie Edwards defeated Moose in a hard-hitting street fight, and Johnny Impact retained his Impact World Championship against Eli Drake.

Overall, One Night Only: New Beginnings was a show that could not be missed, and the jam packed Holy Family Academy would attest to that fact. With PPW Juiced coming up in three short weeks, the roster will be forced not to get too high or too low and focus their attention on the upcoming event.


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