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By: Scott Fineout

As Sean Carr pushed apart the two black sheets of linen that seperated him from the Hazleton fans at the Holy Family Academy last weekend he was greeted to a chorus of boo's. The PPW Heavyweight Champion who was flanked by his “Carr Insurance Policy” Lamar Hawkins came out to the ring mugging for the PPW cameras that stood before him and reminding the people in Hazleton exactly how much he hates coming to town.

If he was being honest with himself, Carr probably seen his time on time in Hazleton a bit differently.

Carr had been respected in Hazleton for years until he won the PPW Heavyweight Championship. It was then that Carr would turn his back on his fan-friendly ways and instead turn to a more aggressive style, a more aggressive attitude and an overall meaner streak. If you asked Carr he'd simply chalk it up to “doing what he had to do to get the job done.”

“The job” as it refers to here, is winning the PPW Heavyweight Championship – the sole reason he came back to Hazleton and the reason he agreed to full-time roster status with PPW. Now that Carr has it, he'll do anything in or outside of the rules to make sure the PPW Heavyweight Championship goes home with him to Binghamton.

Sean Carr would successfully defend last weekend against Brian Pillman Jr, a man who's got a bright future not just for his namesake, but for the talent that he brings to the building everytime he wrestles. The match was as great as anticipated.

The match started out with the two exchanging punches and simple technical moves with both competitors visibly feeling one another out and not willing to commit to anything to dangerous to begin with. It wasn't until a frustrated Carr motioned to the crowd “that's it” while waving his arms like baseball empire indicating a runner to be safe. Carr immediately began climbing to the top rope to try a moonsault only for Pillman to move out of the way and create an opening for the challenger.

As both men lay on the ground to the count of six, they both were able to get to their knees and began brawling in the middle of the ring – and exchange that Pillman would get the better on after Carr ran across the ring only to be meant by a perfect powerslam from Pillman. A few moments later Pillman would complete a great flying crossbody that would land but the momentum would roll Carr over to a pinning combination – one that almost took Pillman out of the match.

A few moments later Pillman would regain control and find himself measuring up Sean Carr for an attempted super kick but Carr's bodyguard Lamar Hawkins would prevent that from the outside by holding Pillman's leg. This would cause Pillman to turn his back on Carr in an attempt to free his leg from Hawkins. When Pillman turned around he was met with Carr's size 14 to his chin and quickly pounced on for a pinfall defeat.


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