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Catch A New High Voltage Episode This Sunday!

By: Scott Fineout

PPW is in the middle of Super Show season and High Voltage is no different. This week's Main Event features the returning TNA X-Division Champion Rich Swann as he takes on KC Navarro and Desean Pratt in a match that some are calling PPW Match of the Year worthy. Pratt and Navarro haven't been on the same page lately and it's blown up into full out competition between the two. The match is incredible and a must-watch.

Elsewhere, the No Limits Championship was won recently by Charles Mason after he snuck a victory out in the PPW Battle Royal from Laszlo who had thought he'd won the title. Mason popped out from under the ring to dump him over the top and claim the prize.

Evander James seems to have a change of pace on the way he views things. He gives a heart felt apology to the fans of Hazleton for his misguided ways, then proceeds to have PPW Commissioner TJ Masters come out and challenge Evander with his representative – Adam Chandler.

All of this this week on PPW High Voltage airing Sunday at 8pm on WYLN-35 and PPW Facebook Page.


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