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Champion No More, Keller at a Crossroads

By: B.P. Burke

While stars came and went, other titles changed hands with varying degrees of frequency, and allegiances shifted left and right, there had long been one constant at the head of PPW Nation: “All Energy” Breaux Keller defending his PPW Heavyweight Title against all comers.

It all came to an end on a hot August evening at PPW Reloaded, where Keller’s nearly year-long reign came to an end in a controversial match against “The Mecca” Brian Johnson.

Normally, when a long-standing champion loses their title to a bitter rival, the next step is clear: they fight their way back up the ladder and attempt to regain their spot at the top of the mountain by vanquishing their hated foe.

The common flow of things was complicated, however, immediately after Johnson’s win, when The Neon Ninja Facade used his golden ticket to make The Mecca’s Heavyweight Title reign a historically short one, claiming PPW’s top men’s division prize for his own.

So the question looms large: where does Breaux Keller go from here?

Does Keller take aim at Brian Johnson, the man who stopped his momentum dead in its tracks? Keller and Johnson’s rivalry goes all the way back to February’s PPW Reborn, when Johnson had appeared to have won the Heavyweight Title half a year before he actually did, only for Earl Hebner to reverse the decision. Then, at July’s Home of the Brave, Johnson dealt Keller his first PPW loss in 2 ½ years, teaming with VSK to defeat the then-champion and Afa Jr.

In between, Johnson did his best to make Keller’s life miserable. While credit has never been formally taken, may believe that Johnson was instrumental in two masked assailants ruining a showdown between Keller and Facade at June’s Never Back Down. Keller was also attacked getting into his car by a similar  pair of assailants, with video evidence captured backstage seemingly implicating Johnson.

With all of that history, it’s obvious why Keller would love to get his hands on The Mecca, but the lure of the PPW Heavyweight Title may prove too powerful.

Well before that no-contest against Facade at Never Back Down. Keller did defeat The Neon Ninja last December at Open Season, but Facade has since completely rehabilitated his injured knee and is clearly at the top of his game while also being at the top of PPW. He’s also preoccupied by the shocking return of former PPW Heavyweight Champion Clutch Adams, who has clear designs on reclaiming a title he never lost in the ring.

With Facade now the champion facing battles on all fronts and Keller the potential challenger, a showdown between the two may prove irresistible to Breaux, as a win would prove once and for all that he is the better competitor. That being said, it’s hard to imagine Keller being just as - if not more eager to settle the long-running score with Brian Johnson.

Breaux Keller was conspicuous by his absence at PPW IX, but his return is imminent. The real question is what will he be seeking upon his return: revenge or the PPW Heavyweight Title?

Find out how this all plays out on Saturday, October 8th at PPW Eyes Wide Open! The event will take place at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, PA. Meet and greet with Brian Cage starts at 5 PM, and the show starts at 7 PM. Tickets are available at


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