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Chandler Earns Tainted Victory Over King Leon the 6th

By: Nick Uliana

PPW Juiced played host to many matches with importance to the PPW landscape as we move into the meat of 2019. One of those matches was PPW veteran competitor, King Leon the 6th, accompanied by his squire, against Adam Chandler, a well- traveled competitor making his PPW debut.

The beginning of the match would begin with the Squire running to the ring and grabbing the mic from Paul Bo, this would begin the introduction of King Leon the 6th. King Leon would be greeted by chorus of boos from the PPW nation. He took a slow lap around the ring, sporting his usual gold and black tights and shirt, punctuated by golden boots and a crown. A golden and black cape draped over his shoulders as he extended his arms into the air whilst holding his golden and jewel cane. Chandler burst into the PPW enterance area, sporting his orange and purple tights. His enterance was rudely and abruptly cut off as King Leon grabbed the mic and began to insult the crowd. Chandler kept giving high fives to the PPW nation sitting ringside as King Leon the 6th hurled insults at the rest of the PPW nation seated in the arena.

The Squire took the cape and cane from the king he serves so fervently and passionately, as the seasoned veteran competitor Adam Chandler tossed his white vest aside. Once the bell rung, it would be 10 minutes till the first pin would be attempted by King Leon with Chandler kicking out at barely 2 and half. It would be minutes later that Adam Chandler would launch an assault on the King of Beheadya with a series of power moves. Chandler would thwart an attempt by King Leon to secure a victory as he would spin out of King Leon`s pedigree and slam King Leon the 6th directly on his back. Chandler would move in to cover King Leon for a pin, but the Squire would get involved by bashing the back of Chandler`s head as he covered King Leon. This would ultimately end the match and Chandler would pick his first win in PPW by disqualification, due obviously to the actions of the squire. Chandler should not be thrilled by the way in which he obtained his victory, he should be encouraged because he put together an extremely interesting PPW debut.

Only time will tell what is next for both Chandler and King Leon, but Adam Chandler certainly seems to be heading in the right direction after his strong debut that most likely would have ended in a pinfall victory if not for Squire.


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