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Charles Mason Bides Time to Win No Limits Rumble

By: Mitchell Frantz

Laszlo Arpad seemed to have won the rumble and the No Limits Championship.

The Hungarian Hero eliminated PPW Television Champion John Wes and began celebrating as he was the last guy in the ring, but his music never started playing and the referees at ringside never declared him the winner. The fans were cheering, but nothing was happening, just Laszlo standing confused about why he was not presented the championship.

While Laszlo was talking to one of the referees at ringside about what was going on, Charles Mason reentered the ring and tossed the big man out to win the No Limits Championship. Mason, who was taken out underneath of the bottom rope earlier in the match, waited for the perfect opportunity to strike when nobody, including Laszlo, was expecting it.

Speaking of John Wes, The Iron Outlaw had a true ironman performance, entering the rumble first and lasting all the way until the end. Trajan Horn also had an impressive showing, drawing number 2 and making it all the way to the final 5.

E. Julius Keiper made his return to PPW to the tune of “Born in the USA.” The commentator started smack-talking “The Voice of PPW” Paul Bo as soon as he entered the ring, which led to Bo entering the rumble. As soon as Bo got into the ring, the two men took each other out of the contest.

The match also saw some of the PPW’s training school members make their debuts, and a few even scored some eliminations. One of the trainees, Cyrus Black, was able to make a name for himself by lasting in the match for a while. Another trainee, Isaac Ruhl, only last a short while in the rumble, but laid a path of destruction in his wake, taking out everything that moved in his vicinity. Drew Adams also made a mark in his debut, riding to the ring on a hoverboard and refusing to enter the contest for a long while until he was thrown in. Drew was seen throughout the rumble clutching onto the bottom rope for his dear life in what proved to be a successful strategy for a while, but not quite long enough.

Lastly, Allie Recks entered the rumble last to a huge reaction but was unable to win thanks to Ryan Race. Race pulled Allie off of the apron as she was trying to get back into the ring when she was on the apron. Race certainly paid for his actions though, as Allie speared the leader of Undeniable into oblivion outside the ring when she realized what happened.

In the end though, Charles Mason goes down in the history books as the winner and brand new PPW No Limits Champion. Only time will tell if the Billionaire Playboy’s time on top of the mountain is going to last for a while, or if Mason’s win turns out to be a fluke. Considering Mason’s ability and savviness, the smart bet is to choose the former.

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