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Chris Banks is Ready For This Saturday

By Scott Fineout

PPW Nation might not know too much about newcomer Chris Banks but if he has anything to say about it, that won't last for long. Banks recently debuted in PPW by debuting with JJ Adams in a losing effort against the SAMBO show. It's a match that Banks is quick to point out he didn't lose. As far as Banks is concerned he's “still unbeaten” in PPW as he has yet to take a pinfall and instead only been on the losing effort of a tag team contest.

Banks says in the video released to that he is here to climb to the top of the PPW ladder – a ladder that has a lot of steps upwards. Banks is built for the challenge.

On January 25th in Hazleton Banks will step into the ring with the former PPW Tag Team Champions, the Punk Rock All Stars as they take on the team of SAMBO Show and Billy Gunn.

It will also be Banks first chance to have a match in PPW that he can actually prepare for. His PPW debut didn't come with exactly a lot of notice, finding out an hour before the show that he would be taking on The Sambo Show, one of PPW's hottest rising teams. Banks won't use that as an excuse, but it's something that at least has to be considered.

Chris Banks is looking for more than a strong showing this weekend, he's looking for his first PPW win, and anyone with aspirations of climbing to the top in Hazleton will certainly need a lot of those. If Banks has his way, we'll all be saying in a few short months what he has been saying all along – Chris Banks is someone to watch out for in PPW in 2020.

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