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Christina Marie Earns Major Victory

By: Scott Fineout

Christina Marie's climb to the top of the PPW Women's Division didn't come without a lot of hard work and set backs. She spent an entire year chasing Allie Recks only to fall to her twice and come up empty handed. But as Marie's chase for the PPW Women's Championship went on, her game grew. She began to work on the things that had made her fall before.

She would eventually go on to defeat Miranda Vionette for the PPW Women's Championship and then retain against former PPW Women's Champion Allie Recks using what she had learned throughout the year to her advantage. It was with that experience that she defeated former ROH competitor Veda Scott.

Marie would control a lot of the match, showing that she had scouted Veda before coming into the match. For Scott, she seemed a step ahead of the focused Marie. Christina would eventually finish off Veda Scott and leave with the PPW Women's Championship.

It was another big win over a visitor for Marie who also holds a victory over Leva Bates last year as well.

Christina Marie has noticeably grew as a competitor. The tough times that she has faced, the setbacks, and all of the calling out of PPW Management to give her an opportunity at the PPW Women's Championship had paid off. Possibly the confirmation of that came last weekend with her victory over Veda Scott.

One thing's for sure, Christina Marie has arrived.


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