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Coach Uliana’s High Level Competitor: Facade

PPW Open Season served to be an excellent and explosive ending to the year of 2021. PPW Open Season served to lay a very important foundation for New Beginnings, which will take place on January 15th.

As usual, in every competitive event there are high level competitors, and low-level competitors. This week Coach Uliana’s High Level competitor of the week is Façade. Façade has performed worldwide and has brought a new energy to PPW ever since arriving a few years ago. He is very explosive and tough. That toughness was on full display at PPW Open Season when Façade took risk after risk despite a serious injury to his knee. The grit and toughness were admirable and set a standard for what competitors must be willing to do for the PPW Heavyweight Title. The ability to execute his gameplan at the elite level that is required to compete in a championship level match. He made the PPW nation very proud and has worked himself into the mix for to be on my ALL-PPW Team.

As we conclude the year, it is important that we honor those who have consistently performed a high level throughout the year. To that end, I will be putting together my ALL-PPW Team. Which will feature and highlight the best competitors within PPW. This hopefully will be the first of many of this yearly instalment. Think of it as PPW`s version of an All- Conference or All- League team. I look forward to sharing it with you, PPW Nation very soon.


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