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Desean Pratt Enters Himself Into Rumble

By: Michael Pagano

The PPW Heavyweight Championship has eluded the veteran Pratt to this point in his PPW career, although he has had a few chances to pick up the gold in the past. “The Prince of Camden” will try to earn another shot at said gold Saturday night in Hazleton at PPW Resolution by entering the rumble match.

The interesting thing about this Saturday is that the rumble match will not be the only time PPW nation will be seeing Mr. Pratt, as he will also be taking on Breaux Keller in a singles match.

The last time we saw Pratt, he was getting himself disqualified in a match against Facade on High Voltage, what will he have in store for PPW nation on Saturday? Will he be able to beat Keller and win the rumble match?

You will have to make your way to Hazleton and find out! Don’t have tickets to PPW Resolution? Find them at

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