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Drew Adams Enters His Name Into PPW Resolution Rumble

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

The ignorant rich boy from Honesdale, Pa. has had his issues over the past few months with his share of the PPW roster. Him and Antonio Rivera have been beefing for months since Adams left Rivera in a tag-team match back at Brawl at the Mall in August.

A $500 payment to Johnny Moran for his services of beating down Rivera blew up in Adam’s face and ended up having Moran turn on him as well. Even Chris Masters embarrassed Adams in a Masterlock Challenge in Adams own hometown before agreeing to team with him in their victory over The Titan Outlaws.

Adams will look to put all that behind him though as he enters himself into the upcoming rumble at PPW Resolution on Jan. 25. We all know Adams always comes prepared with two things to a wrestling match, his trusty hoverboard and several tricks up his sleeve to one up his opponents. He will need both those in Hazleton if he wants to earn himself a trip to PPW Super Show 3 in April and become the No. 1 contender for the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

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