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Edna Pinheart to Debut at Aftermath

By: Mitchell Frantz

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling has been home to plenty of ominous characters over the years, but the debuting Edna Pinheart may just be the spookiest of them all.

The mysterious competitor involves the usage of black arts in her matches. These tactics include the use of spells, charms and rituals. These mechanisms throw off every one of her opponents, and occasionally makes them lose control of their body in a shocking visual.

Don’t make the mistake that so many competitors have made and get too caught up in the magic. Pinheart is a very talented wrestler, specializing in the American lucha style. To finish off opponents, the Philadelphia native uses either a fisherman suplex called the Possessplex, a powerbomb called the Voodoo Bomb or Code Red.

Want to see this unique competitor in action? Check out PPW Aftermath on May 18th! Tickets are available now at Order yours today!


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