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El Fenomeno Tormenta to Debut at PPW VI

By: Mitchell Frantz

PPW VI already has a loaded card, but the show has just became even more bolstered with the announcement that El Fenomeno Tormenta will debut in PPW on Saturday, September 21st!

A native of the Dominican Republic, El Fenomeno Tormenta, which translates to The Phenomenal Storm in English is exactly that. He is a highly agile and deceptively strong competitor who pinballs around a ring. Tormenta has trained and wrestled with the likes of former WWE star Stevie Richards, former TNA star Jerelle Clark, and former WCW star Pablo Marquez.

Honing his craft in his native country of the Dominican Republic, the 200-pound luchador has moved to the states in hopes of new opportunities and to take on some of the best talent in America. The high flier has racked up numerous championships, including top prizes in many Dominican promotions, and he looks to earn some American gold at some point in his near future.

The Phenomenal Storm will be a crowd pleaser in PPW who will leave opponents stunned at what they just got hit by. With 10 years of in-ring experience under his belt, Tormenta has picked up a few tricks such as his reverse air DDT and his head destroyer that will leave opponents out for the count.

To witness this brilliant competitor live, as well as stars like former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir, former Impact Heavyweight and Ring of Honor World Champion Austin Aries, former WWE stars Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Rhyno, and former Impact star Madison Rayne! Tickets and specials are available now at!


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