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F2V & Mantequilla to Settle Issues One-on-One

By: Mitchell Frantz

Foxx Vinyer arrived to PPW and started making an immediate impact.

The bright war paint and crazy eyes made an immediate impression on PPW Nation, even alongside an equally eccentric team in the Punk Rock All Stars. Vinyer fit in with the team immediately, and the trio ran roughshod over the Mane Event.

Last month at PPW Juiced, the Mane Event recruited “The Lucha Hero” Mantequilla to even the odds against the group, which proved to be a tremendous idea. Mantequilla helped Midas Black and Jay Lyon pick up a much needed victory over the former PPW Tag Team Champions and F2V.

With the tag teams now removed from the equation, Vinyer will take on Mantequilla in an one-on-one contest at Throwdown on 5th Street.

During the six man tag team match the two were involved in last month, Mantequilla’s team came out of it victorious; however, F2V was not the man who got pinned, so he has a legitimate gripe with The Lucha Hero.

The match will be a test of F2V’s power compared to Mantequilla’s speed and high flying antics. With that being said, the “Violent and Vibrant” Vinyer is deceptively quick for a man his size and will negate that advantage that Mantequilla usually has over opponents of F2V’s stature. With that being said, The Lucha Hero has other ways of defeating Vinyer but it will take an outstanding gameplan to do so.

Will the Firework Foxx Vinyer prove why he is one of the most dangerous men in all of PPW? Or will Mantequilla continue with last month’s success and pick up a win for the second consecutive month?

Find out as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents at Throwdown on 5th Street! The event will take place at the Holy Family Academy in Hazleton at 7 pm on March 16th. Tickets are on sale now at


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