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Facade Ends Night as PPW Champion

From the Desk of JD…..


At PPW Reloaded on August 13th, we saw some shocking developments. While sitting on commentary, I witnessed my star of SINS Foxx Vinyer turning his back on me, no worries…I’ll deal with that later.

Right now, I want to write about the PPW Heavyweight Championship. In what as an amazing and athletic encounter between Breaux Keller and “The Mecca” Brian Johnson, early in the match, Johnson suffered a severely injured knee.  As tough as the former ROH star is, it hampered him the entire time.  Keller brought EVERYTHING he had and Johnson just wouldn’t surrender. Towards the end of the match, my good pal Mr. Ruda was really getting behind Johnson (As a great manager should) and might have gotten a little overzealous.  Anyway…that’s not important.


The injured, yet amazingly tough “Mecca” was able to withstand the pain, literally with the use of one leg and secure the victory over Keller.  1….2….3…  Fair and square from my vantage point. Immediately after… out of NOWHERE…we hear the “Neon Ninja” Facade’s music hit.  Facade had won the PPW Golden Ticket briefcase earlier in the night (This briefcase allows the holder to cash in for a contract on ANY title in PPW at any time). NO ONE expected Facade to cash in so early.  

So once the Neon Ninja came out, we didn’t know if this was a rouse to get in the head of Johnson or a legit cash in with the contract.  Well sure enough, it was a legit cash in. The Mecca did his best to defeat Facade, at times it even looked like he was going to retain his newly won championship.

However, Facade was the fresher man and came out on top.  So now the PPW Heavyweight championship is represented by a COWARD that apparently has zero issues on taking advantage of an injured competitor, absolutely disgusting.

I’m sure several PPW staff and wrestlers are sickened by this as am I, that our champion is a coward and takes advantage of the injured.  I do not intend to idly sit by and watch more egregious actions that are continuously allow by PPW Ownership and management.

I intend to do something about this and confront ownership of PPW and make this right.  However, for now, the “Neon Ninja” Facade is your new PPW Heavyweight champion.




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