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Facade, JXT to Battle at Destiny

By: Mitchell Frantz

For living on opposite corners of the Earth, Facade and JXT are two very similar competitors.

Both are technical wizards. Both men are very well built and it is not hard to see that they both live in the weight room. They are both high flyers and highly innovative. Both men have a great connection with the fans and have earned their respect. They are both world traveled stars. They both can finish opponent off with their own unique piledriver variations. And, who can forget their similarly wild hairstyles.

But while the two men have their similarities, they have never crossed paths in their illustrious careers. That is, until their Destiny calls for them to do so on June 22nd in Hazleton.

At PPW's Destiny, Facade and JXT will meet for the first time ever. Not just in PPW. Literally ever!

The dream match between two of the hottest independent wrestling stars in the world will take place at the Holy Family Academy on June 22nd. While there are plenty of more matches that will be announced, this is already a strong favorite to be the match of the night and may even be a perennial match of the year candidate in PPW. Only time will tell if that will be the two men's Destiny or not!

To buy your tickets to see this momentous contest, as well as purchase meet and greet tickets for Summer Rae, TJP, and PPW Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez, head on over to and get yours today. Act soon, as front row tickets will be gone before you know it!


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