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Facade Returning at SuperShow II

By: Jessica McKeown

Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling is excited to announce the second annual Supershow event on April 27! And what better way to announce this event than introducing one of its highly anticipated athletes: Façade.

Façade started planting seeds at Pennsylvania Premiere wrestling in 2016 (July 9) at the Basebrawl event after gaining a victory over Matt Macintosh. He then appeared for the February 18, 2017 Shattered show and faced off against Sonny Kiss. Most recently, Façade participated in a Golden Ticket Opportunity 5-way match at Trust No One against Mike Orlando, BLK Jeez, Desean Pratt, and Sean Carr on October 20, 2018.

With announcements as exciting as today’s coming up for Supershow II, keep checking back here to see who Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling announces next!


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