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Facade Wins Rumble, Cashes Ticket to Super Show 3

By Scott Fineout

The 2020 PPW Resolution Rumble had a large prize to reward the winner. A guaranteed PPW Heavyweight Championship match at PPW Super Show 3 in April. Many of PPW's top competitors were joined by a few surprise entrants and returns to Hazleton.

Days leading up to the match Andy Header had said on Tornado Tag Podcast that he wanted to be an ironman if he was to do anything in the Rumble. In a classic “careful what you wish for” moment, Header was the first man to come out of the curtain. The PPW debut of Killian McMurphy would be next at number two. The two men possibly had the best Rumble as fans were left impressed with both men lasting towards the near end. Header outlasted McMurphy for the Rumble's longest run.

The Rumble also included some surprise entrants like the return of Kekoa, who was accompanied to the ring by Sammi Pandora. Kekoa wouldn't be the only return as The Madness of Trip also made his return after being absent from Hazleton for several years.

Charles Mason sat at the PPW High Voltage commentary booth calling the match with EJ Keiper and Phil Bravado until he himself joined at number 22. Mason owould be eliminated by Bo Nakoda and then re-joined the commentary team.

The last five men in the Rumble were Andy Header - who drew number one – Chris Banks, Breaux Keller, Desean Pratt and Facade. Banks would eliminate Header and himself in the process which left the last three: Breaux Keller, Desean Pratt and Facade.

Facade would find himself standing on the outside of the ring on the apron. Pratt delivered a high-knee that sent Facade flying off the apron and landing directly on the PPW High Voltage commentary team! Thinking that the knee eliminated Facade, Desean Pratt then turned his attention to Breaux Keller. Keller would find himself on the wrong end of that exchange as he was eliminated by Desean Pratt as both men brawled on the outside of the ring.

All of this happening while at the same time Dani Mo carried Facade (so his feet didn't touch the floor and thus eliminating him) to the ring. As Pratt eliminated Keller he stood there mugging to the crowd, telling them that he had won. Meanwhile behind him, Facade walked the rope and delivered an across the ring kick to Pratt's back, knocking him off the apron and onto the floor. Facade had won the PPW Resolution Rumble and the right to compete for the PPW Heavyweight Championship in April at Super Show 3.

Resolution Rumble Stats

Order of Entry

1. Andy Header

2. Killian McMurphy

3. Bo Nakoda

4. Jay Lyon

5. Jimmy Konway

6. "The Madness" Trip

7. Alexander Bateman

8. RJS

9. Squid Sterling

10. Foxx Vinyer

11. Ian Bush

12. Samuel Adams

13. Bull Hightower

14. Hoan

15. Issak Ruhl

16. C.R O'Malley

17. Rembrandt

18. Syler Andrews

19. Johnny Moran

20. Kekoa

21. Breaux Keller

22. Charles Mason

23. Antonio Rivera

24. Mantequilla

25. Nolo Kitano

26. Luca Brazzi

27. Desean Pratt

28. Chris Banks

29. Drew Adams

30. Facade

Order of Elimination

1. Jimmy Konway (by Jay Lyon)

2. Jay Lyon (by Jimmy Konway)

3. RJS (by Alexander Bateman)

4. Squid Sterling (by Bull Hightower)

5. Alexander Bateman (by Issak Ruhl)

6. C.R O'Malley (by Bull Hightower)

7. Hoan (by Syler Andrews / Samuel Adams)

8. Issak Ruhl (by Bull Hightower)

9. Samuel Adams ( by Bull Hightower)

10. Syler Andrews (by Kekoa)

11. Bull Hightower (by Andy Header)

12. Charles Mason (by Bull Nakoda)

13. Bo Nakoda (by Andy Header)

14. Ian Busy (by Johnny Moran)

15. Johnny Moran (by Andy Header)

16. Luca Brazzi (by Midas Black)

17. Midas Black (by Luca Brazzi)

18. Foxx Vinyer (by Rembrandt)

19. Mantequilla (by Chris Banks)

20. Antonio Rivera (himself, lept out of ring from top rope onto Drew Adams)

21. Nolo Kitano (by Rembrandt)

22. Rembrandt (by Nolo Kitano)

23. Kekoa (by Breaux Keller)

24. Killian McMurphy (by Andy Header)

25. Andy Header (by Chris Banks)

26. Chris Banks (by Facade)

27. Breaux Keller (by Desean Pratt)

28. Desean Pratt (by Facade)

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