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For Adams and James, Big Opportunities Continue

By Scott Fineout

Juventud Guerrera is making his way to Hazleton for PPW Juiced on February 16th to take on Samuel Adams and Evander James in a triple threat. For Evander James and Samuel Adams their scheduled triple-threat match with Juventud Guerrera on February 16th is just another test, another opportunity, to set the bar even higher for themselves.

Samuel Adams needs no introduction when it comes to making a name for himself. The former PPW Heavyweight Champion has made a name for himself by crossing off the names of some of wrestling's biggest names. Calling out and defeating Petey Williams was just the start for “Mr Good Luck” as he then took out former ECW and WWE star Nunzio. A few months later, Adams would pick up another victory – this time over James Ellsworth.

Adams has been proving himself in Hazleton since he walked into Holy Family Academy and as he vows to make 2019 his year, and coming off an excellent showing at Impact Wrestling last month, Adams has a chance to catapult his name into championship contention with a victory over Juventud Guerrera and former PPW Heavyweight Champion Evander James.

Evander James also is coming off a strong showing last month in a match against Fallah Bahh. James, a former holder of the PPW Heavyweight Championship, lost is to Bully Ray at the 5th Anniversary Show after winning it earlier in the same night.

For James, moving forward from that night has been all about one upping his performance from before. It's a strategy that seems to be paying off for him. James now is on a mission to do whatever he has to do to get the PPW Heavyweight title back, an achievement that he must look back on and see loads of potential with. For James, that may be in his future in 2019 but a win over Juventud Guerrera and Samuel Adams must happen to start that climb towards the top again.

Juventud Guerrera has been everywhere. From making his name alongside Rey Mysterio Jr in AAA to being discovered in Extreme Championship Wrestling and moving on to WCW where he became a big part of the Monday Night Wars, Guerrera has been everywhere.

Now Guerrera comes into Hazleton to try and defeat two former PPW Heavyweight Champions hungry to get back on top. A big challenge for all three involved, but for Guerrera coming to Hazleton is about a lot more than entertaining fans – it's about winning.


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