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High Voltage Recap: Afa and Redbeard Ends in Crazy Brawl; New Champ Crowned

By: Mitchell Frantz

This past Sunday featured a jam-packed show, highlighted by a chaotic brawl between Erick Redbeard (formerly known as Erick Rowan) and Afa Jr.

The two heavyweights traded heavy shots with each other, and were building to a dramatic finish when the war went to the outside. The two behemoths continuously traded heavy hits with each other, ignoring referee Jeff Carden’s count to 10. This caused Carden to call for the bell, ending the match in a double countout.

Just because the match ended, did not mean the war between Afa and Rowan. The two big men continued to fight each other well after the bell, causing the PPW locker room to pour out to try to separate the two former WWE stars from tearing each other apart even more. A chair was even introduced at one point in what was one of the most chaotic endings to a High Voltage episode we have ever seen.

Elsewhere, in the shortest match of the night, Andy Header was able to knock Johnny Moran out with a singular superman punch, ending Moran’s nearly two year run with the PPW Television Championship in a matter of seconds. “The Dark Horse” learned the hard way why you can never take your eyes off of an opponent, even for a second.

In the opening match, Rembrandt, flanked by the returning Cosmic and a brand new (and extremely intimidating) bodyguard, competed in a 6 man scramble match to determine who would be the #1 contender to Isaak Ruhl’s No Limits Championship. Joining Rembrandt were five new faces to the PPW Nation: Chris Slade, Ben Ruten, Encore, Elijah Eden and Seymour Green.

The match was more of a car crash the way the 6 men recklessly threw their bodies around for the sake of earning an opportunity to challenge Ruhl. At one point, with four men in a precarious position, Encore wiped them all out with a huge cross body.

In the end, Cosmic interfered on the behalf of Rembrandt, hitting Chris Slade with a Michinoku Driver that allowed “The Starving Artist” to pin Slade and become the number one contender.

Join us next week for a brand new episode of High Voltage! The main event of that show will be the Mane Event defending their PPW Tag Team Championships against The Awakening (formerly known as The Ascension), South Philly’s Finest and the Sambo Show!

Want to check out PPW live? Tickets are available for July 17th’s event, Let It Roll, at the Signature Training Academy in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania are available at! Set to appear includes Victoria, Gangrel, The Librarian Leva Bates, Matt Morris (fka Aiden English) and all of your favorite PPW stars!


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