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High Voltage Returns TONIGHT

By: Scott Fineout and Mitchell Frantz

PPW High Voltage will air on Wednesday, March 13th with everything you need to know going into this weekend's Throwdown on 5th Street.

On this episode of High Voltage, a double Main Event featuring Mike Orlando and Richard Holliday, as well as Brian Pillman Jr vs Sean Carr for the PPW Heavyweight Championship.

Elsewhere, Jason King has plans for Ryan Race's Undeniable faction and a possible way to even the score. The Devil’s Favorite Reject is set to face seasoned veteran Andy Header.

Also, Desean Pratt and KC Navarro team up to take on Amazing Red and the returning Anthony Gangone is an electrifying tag team contest.

It's all this week on PPW High Voltage. The show is set to air at 8 PM on PPW’s Facebook page, and Sunday at 8 PM on WYLN-35 Hazleton. Don’t miss this jam packed show on the road to PPW Super Show II!


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