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How Every Competitor Fared at One Night Only: New Beginnings

By: Mitchell Frantz

Impact Wrestling and Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling came together for One Night Only and tore the house off of the Holy Family Academy. In this new monthly installment, the PPW writing team will take a look back at how every single full-time PPW roster member fared at the previous month’s show. First up, PPW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr.

Sean Carr

He entered Hazleton as the PPW Heavyweight Champion, and left as the champion. The fact that he was not the one who actually ripped the championship down did not matter, as he was ultimately the one who went home with the gold.

Mike Orlando

Carr was not the one who took the championship down in the ladder match, but instead it was Mike Orlando. Whether it was German suplexing KC Navarro out of the ring and onto the other 4 men, or spearing Navarro out of mid-air, the Green Machine was throwing caution to the wind throughout the match, but came fingertips away from victory.

KC Navarro

The highlight of KC’s night came when he put the ladder around his head and started spinning in every which direction, nailing every competitor in sight with the steel object. Navarro was flying all throughout the match, but the spear from Orlando as Navarro leaped for the championship ended his night early.

Sam Adams

Mr. Good Luck was all around the ring throughout the contest, using the ladder as a weapon and trying to do whatever it took to win. Adams also played a ton of defense, preventing the other 5 men from climbing high enough up the ladder in order to retrieve the championship.

Cody Vance

Vance proved that he was more than muscles and looks in the ladder match, taking some serious punishment throughout the contest. Every time Vance got knocked down, he was able to get right back up. The one time he did not, however, is the time Sean Carr shoved Tony Storm off a ladder and onto Vance, who was laying on a table nearby.

Tony Storm

Storm came awfully close to becoming PPW Heavyweight Champion, but a push of a ladder from Sean Carr sent Storm crashing through a table and ending his night early. Either way, Storm was highly impressive throughout and is certainly somebody to keep an eye on in the future.

Arrogance of Excellence

It may have been controversial, and the referee for the contest may have an angry mob coming after him in the form of SPF and their loyal fans, but that does not change the fact that Johnny Moran and Clutch Adams are the new PPW Tag Team Champions. That fact, is simply Undeniable.

South Philly’s Finest

SPF was robbed. Plain and simple. Konway and Brazzi have legitimate gripes about how they lost. They have a chance to get their revenge at Juiced, so they can take their frustrations out then.

Christina Marie

Christina had a tough task taking on “The Smokeshow” Scarlett Bordeaux. Unfortunately for the PPW Women’s Champion, that task proved to be too much to handle. Scarlett’s um...assets...helped her defeat the champ, as did The Smokeshow’s manager, Jimmy Jacobs.

Desean Pratt

After defeating Drago at Slay Bells Ringing, momentum was already on The Prince of Camden’s side. After his convincing win over Impact star KM and ensuing beatdown afterwards, it is not a stretch to say that Pratt’s stock has never been higher.

Evander James

The Man you can Trust had the near impossible task of trying to defeat the enormous Fallah Bahh, and that task proved to be too much for the former PPW Heavyweight Champion to overcome. James got in a decent amount of offense, but found the weight discrepancy to be too much to overcome.

Punk Rock All Stars and Foxx Vinyer

The fit between the Punk Rock All Stars and Foxx Vinyer just seemed so natural. The three men seemed to work together perfect, with Vinyer giving Shaun Cannon and Drake Carter an enforcer that they did not have before. The team clicked and were able to pick up the victory.

The Mane Event

Unfortunately for The Mane Event, Jay Lyon and Midas Black could never find that same chemistry with their partner, forcing the pair to fight 2-on-3 practically. While the group had some impressive moments, particularly the diving through the hula hoop by Jay Lyon, the pair was unable to overcome the well-oiled machine that Vinyer and the Punk Rock All Stars had going for them.

Victor Andrews and Majestic Noah

Andrews and Noah were able to guide their team to victory in pretty dominant fashion, but the match came with a cost. Majestic Noah was injured in the contest and was forced to relinquish in PPW No Limits Championship. While it is great that they won, they certainly paid the price for winning.


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