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HV Recap: Billy Gunn And The Sambo Show Pick Up Impressive Victory

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn teamed with the Sambo Show to take on the Punk Rock All Stars and Chris Banks in six-man tag-team action. Before the match, the Sambo Show decided it was best to introduce Billy Gunn in true late 90’s fashion when he was a part of D-Generation X and the New Age Outlaws, much to the excitement of the PPW fans.

Gunn then came out to Holy Family Academy and finished the introduction the way only he can. Phil Bravado caught us all up to speed that Chris Banks had some not so nice things to say to Mr. Gunn leading up to the match on social media and saying that Billy Gunn was not impressed.

The match then got underway with Banks getting his wish going against Gunn. The WWE legend got the best of Banks with a spank to the backside to send him reeling to his corner. Banks then wanted to test his strength with Gunn, but Billy wanted no part of that, telling him to “suck it.” Gunn tagged in Syler Andrews, who came in with a big double axe handle from the middle rope before getting Banks in a wrist lock and tagging in Samuel Adams.

Banks met a similar fate from Adams, who hit a double axe handle before keeping the wrist lock on Banks. Adams tagged in Gunn, who hit Banks with a boot to the face before keeping the wrist lock on and tagging in Andrews. Syler hit an elbow off the middle rope onto Banks wrist to keep the punishment going and not allowing him to get to his partners.

Andrews quickly tagged Adams back in who hit another double axe handle and a kick in the corner. Andrews got a quick shot in on Banks before Adams went for a pin, but Banks kicked out. Banks finally found some offense by driving Adams into the corner and irish-whipping him into the other corner. Adams found his way over the ropes onto the apron and kicked Shaun Cannon off the apron before Banks kicked him to the floor.

Banks was left all alone in the ring as the ref tried to sort out the chaos outside of the ring between both teams. Adams got rolled back in where Banks continued the onslaught before tagging Drake Carter in. Cannon then got tagged in and went for a quick pin after the two hit a double-team clothesline, but Sam Adams kicked out.

After Cannon continued to isolate Adams, he tagged Banks back in. Chris Banks hit Billy Gunn to the floor, allowing Adams to sneak his way over to Syler Andrews to tag him back into the match. Andrews started to take over the match against Banks, but Shaun Cannon interfered when the ref was distracted to get a cheap shot in and halt his momentum. Drake Carter tagged back in and went for a pin after a suplex, but Andrews got his shoulder up. Cannon tagged in, as their team began to look like a well-oiled machine.

A spinning heel kick allowed for Andrews to tag Billy Gunn in. Banks tagged in as well and Gunn laid the beatdown on him and the Punk Rock All Stars, who tried to interfere. Gunn missed the famouser before everyone started to come in to get their licks in, but Banks and Gunn were still the legal men. Gunn reversed Banks and hit the famouser for the 1,2,3 and the win for his team.

After the win, what does this mean for the Sambo Show? What does it mean for Chris Banks and the Punk Rock All Stars? We will find out in the coming weeks here on PPW High Voltage.


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