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HV Recap: Mo And Steele Impress In Tag-Team Victory

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Before PPW women’s champion Christina Marie tagged with Ultra Violette, we saw her have a few words for her partner. Marie arrogantly asked her, “You’re not gonna make me look bad tonight?” Ultra Violette scoffed at the thought of that and assured the two-time women’s champ that she would be just fine in their match.

These two went up against the make-shift team of Adena Steele and Dani Mo, who were just opponents a few weeks ago on High Voltage. They put aside any differences to take on Marie and Ultra Violette.

The match began with Steele and Ultra Violette, where Steele gained a quick edge and went for a pin, but to no avail. Both Steele and Ultra Violette then tagged their partners in, where Dani Mo got a quick dropkick in on Christina Marie after Marie refused a handshake. This stunned the champ back into her corner.

Marie tagged Ultra Violette back in, where she immediately ate a few clotheslines courtesy of Mo. A missed knee in the corner for Dani gave Ultra Violette the upper hand with a few chops on her in the corner. Ultra Violette continued to take control over Mo, but Dani was able to tag Steele back in after an arm drag off the middle rope took Ultra Violette down.

Ultra Violette got the upper hand on Steele, which allowed her to tag Marie in, where the women’s champ continued the beatdown on Adena. Marie tagged Ultra Violette back in before the two hit a double-clothesline to pick up a two-count on Steele.

A reversal turned into a neck-breaker for Steele on Ultra Violette before both women crawled to their respective partners. They both made it and Mo and Marie made their way back into the matchup. Mo continued to hold the edge over Marie in the match, hitting a face-buster to earn a close two-count. Mo irish-whipped Marie into the corner before Christina tried to tag her partner back in. The ref did not see the tag, and Steele came back in to help Mo stay on the attack.

Although Ultra Violette never came into the match, we found out that she indeed was the legal woman in the match. Mo walked the ropes and hit a crossbody from the top rope and went for the pin, but the ref waved it off citing that Marie was not the legal woman. Ultra Violette then made her way in where Mo hit her with a boot to the stomach and drove her face to the mat to pick up the 1, 2, 3 and the huge win for her and Adena Steele.

With Mo and Steele picking up the win, Paul Bo exclaimed that “Christina Marie watch your back, watch your back.” We will see what this means for the women’s division after Mo and Steele looked very impressive.

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