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HV Recap: South Philly's Finest Show Their True Colors

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

During High Voltage, we saw the PPW tag-team champions the Mane Event of Jay Lyon and Midas Black, along with CR O’ Malley make their way out to the ring to address PPW nation. This is the first time we have seen these two on High Voltage since they successfully defended their championships against the Punk Rock All Stars.

Midas Black made it clear that they were fighting champions but did not have a championship match tonight. However, they both had a chance to become the No. 1 contender for the PPW Heavyweight Championship in the rumble match. Lyon then made it clear that he wanted a tag-team match, and Black issued an open challenge to anyone in the back to face them.

A team showed up, but not the way the Mane Event expected them to. They were jumped and beaten down from behind by who else but the six-time PPW tag-team champions South Philly’s Finest, Jimmy Konway and Luca Brazzi. E. Julius Keiper pointed out that “we’re seeing some old-school South Philly’s Finest tactics here.”

The commentary team was stunned by the attack, Paul Bo said, “I’m speechless for once in my life.” Bo also said, “I’ll tell you what, you’re seeing a side of Jimmy Konway I never thought I would see again here in PPW.”

The Mane Event tried to fight back, but SPF kept them grounded as Konway proceeded to talk to PPW nation. Konway said that everybody in the crowd, in the back, and in the business were all fake and weren’t there for SPF. Konway said, “we gonna make it to the top whether you cheer or not.” They laid the titles on Jay Lyon as Luca Brazzi hit him with a splash from the top rope as the two continued the assault on the tag-team champs. Jimmy Konway called Black and Lyon “jabronies” and left the ring.

Well folks if South Philly’s Finest wanted to make a statement to the locker room and to PPW nation they sure did. A statement would be an understatement for that act of arrogance they showed. We will see if Konway and Brazzi indeed earn a title shot after their despicable actions, as they will try and become seven-time PPW tag-team champions.


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