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Hv Recap: "The Billionaire Playboy" And The Brooklyn Brawler Pick Up Tag-Team Win

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

After last week’s main event between Evander James and Charles Mason, we saw James get beat down by the Titan Outlaws. This was before, in a shocking turn of events, Charles Mason decided to come back and help “The Man You Can Trust” throw Bo Nekoda and Bull Hightower out of the ring. They finally shook hands after James had been trying to do so the whole match.

At the beginning of High Voltage this week, we heard that James would not be able to be Mason’s partner this week, but Mason had a backup plan. He said that he needed a Brawler and that he went all the way to Brooklyn to find one, and he found WWE legend the Brooklyn Brawler.

Before the main event of PPW High Voltage, pitting Charles Mason and Brooklyn Brawler taking on the Titan Outlaws, we saw Mason frantically looking for Brawler all night. Mason looked in the stairway, the bathroom, and all-around Holy Family Academy, but could not find the Brooklyn Brawler anywhere. Mason asked Tom Mitchell, “have you seen Brawler, our match is in three minutes!” Tom said he had not seen the Brawler.

Luckily for Mason, he found Brawler just in time for their match. Phil Bravado made sure to remind fans that “The Billionaire Playboy” was “turning a new leaf” after helping Evander James last week on High Voltage. The Brawler was extremely fired up when he made his way to the ring, as he tried to go right after Bo Nekoda and Bull Hightower, but they got out of the ring.

Brawler and Nekoda started the match. Brawler slapped him in the face before pushing Bo to the ground and hitting him with an elbow and clothesline to fluster Bo. Brawler then knocked Bull Hightower off the apron and tagged Mason into the match. Nekoda made his way back into the ring where he found a face-buster from Mason and a punch from Brawler waiting for him to continue his bad luck to start the match.

A back body drop from Mason was followed with a pin attempt, but Bo kicked out at two. Hightower came in and distracted Mason which allowed Bo to begin to put the boots to him. A suplex and headbutt allowed Nekoda to tag Hightower in. Bull continued to beatdown Mason, chopping him in the corner. “The Billionaire Playboy” tried to get back into the match with a crossbody, but he was caught by Hightower and was slammed down to the mat for a close two-count.

Bull tagged in Bo and he continued to keep control of the match. This was before Mason fought out of a submission hold by Nekoda and took a shot at Hightower. He could not quite tag Brawler back in, but Bo tagged Hightower back in. A big boot off the ropes and an elbow drop earned another two count on Mason. Bull tagged Nekoda back in, and Bo continued to not allow Mason to tag Brawler into the match.

Hightower tagged back in and stared down Brawler before accidentally clotheslining Nekoda into the corner after Mason fought out of Bo’s full-nelson hold. This allowed Charles Mason to get Hightower down for a crucifix pin and the 1,2,3 for the win.

This was a huge win for “The Billionaire Playboy” and the Brooklyn Brawler. After Mason’s newfound love for the PPW nation, we will see if that can help take him up the ranks in the coming weeks.


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