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HV Recap: The "Neon Ninja" is your No. 1 contender.

By Michael Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

Surprise Entrant

The first match of the night on this week’s episode of PPW High Voltage was a No. 1 contender’s match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. It was Desean Pratt, Facade, Breaux Keller and Rembrandt battling for the chance to take on Clutch Adams for the title.

To the surprise of PPW nation, with his partner out for the birth of his child, one half of South Philly’s Finest Luca Brazzi was entered into the contest to battle for his shot at the title.

Stalling To Start

With the other three men out of the ring, Facade brought his sign into the ring to Rembrandt where “The Starving Artist” planned to show off his painting skills to PPW nation. No such thing happened as Rembrandt ripped the sign into two before handing it back to Facade.

Settling In

Rembrandt then started the match proper with a shot to the back of the “Neon Ninja”, but his offense was short lived as Facade caught Rembrandt with a rollup pin for a quick two count. He followed this up with a springboard kick to the face before hitting a dropkick to force “The Starving Artist” out of the ring.

Desean Pratt then came in and hit Facade with a dropkick to knock him out of the ring before Breaux Keller came in to try his hand at taking out “The Prince of Camden.” The two men proceeded to put on a wrestling clinic before a top rope facebuster from Keller and a spinning suplex put Pratt to the mat.

Then the man who had not had a single offensive move to this point in the contest made his presence felt as Luca Brazzi hit a missile dropkick on Keller to knock “All Energy” to the mat. A pin followed, but Keller kicked out. The man from South Philly continued to get the upper hand on Keller before Rembrandt tried to sneak up on Brazzi but was unsuccessful.

This was before Pratt came back in to help hold Brazzi for Rembrandt to get some shots in on. The two men teamed up and forced Brazzi out of the ring with some stiff shots that included a backbreaker from “The Starving Artist.”

All Facade

The “Neon Ninja” then came in like a man on a mission, walking the ropes to hit Rembrandt and Pratt with a missile dropkick before knocking Keller with a spinning heel kick. The same fate was in store for Luca Brazzi as all the momentum in the match was suddenly with Facade.

The “Neon Ninja” continued to take out his competition before Breaux Keller hit him with a running knee to stun him. Keller and Facade then fought on the top rope where Keller hit the “Neon Ninja” with a top rope hurricanrana with Facade landing on top of Pratt.

Just a few moments later, it looked as if Rembrandt was going to pull out a quick victory after nailing Keller with a facebuster with Breaux on the top rope, but a splash from the top rope broke up the pin just before Jeff Carden could hit the mat for a third time.

At this point in the match, all five men were desperate to gain a pinfall. Brazzi hit Keller with a spear in the corner before “All Energy” found a way to get Brazzi in position for a powerbomb. Facade then came out of nowhere to hit Brazzi with a backbreaker to knock him off Keller.

Facade Gets It Done

Aerial offense dominated the next portion of the match with Rembrandt hitting a moonsault off the top rope onto Facade, Keller, and Brazzi. The “Neon Ninja” followed this up a few moments later with a front flip dive off the top rope onto Keller, Rembrandt and Brazzi to take them out.

This left just Pratt and Facade in the ring. Facade got the best of the match up, reversing a body slam attempt from Pratt and gaining the 1,2,3 and the win.

This makes the “Neon Ninja” the new No. 1 contender for Clutch Adam’s PPW Heavyweight Championship, and if I were Adams, I would be a little nervous.

After the match Facade told us that “you just can’t keep a good ninja down, especially the Neon Ninja.” He went on to say that “Clutch Adams, I got your name, I’m going to write it on the wall and I’m gonna take your title!”

Facade not only brings an incredible aerial offense with him, but he also has all of PPW nation behind him, we will see what he can do against the champ Clutch Adams.


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