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HV: Sebastian Cage Makes Successful PPW Debut

Sebastian Cage took on Andy Header in the opening match of PPW High Voltage (Episode 105) last night. For Cage, the journey just to get into the ring in Hazleton was a journey. PPW's Tom Mitchell would catch up with “the Lit Superstar” before his match. Cage would say that he took the “longest flight from LA to come all the way here to Pennsylvania because this is the place that's got it lit – and I'm all about being lit.”

Andy Header came into the ring far from lit. Showing up late and missing his manager Ryan Race to boot, Header took to the ring to take on the newest competition in the PPW ranks Sebastian Cage.

Sebastian Cage fended off an attack by Andy Header in the beginning of the match and then soon got to work himself. Cage's quickness showed bright as did his arieal assault.Andy Header would gain control of the match and show himself as a formidable opponent for the Lit Superstar.

“This isn't just a normal match for Andy Header. He's trying to impress PPW management and get his name in some title discussions” as PPW commentator Phil Bravado pointed out.

Header did display control in this match as he paced much of it. Header did make his fair share of mistakes. Arrogant pins, paying attention to the crowd and posing were just a few mistakes that Header did, however he did control the match throughout.

In the end, Cage hit Header with a springboard-Canadian Destroyer practically out of nowhere off the top rope and then immediately went to the top for another amazing broken Arrow and the match was over.

Sebastian Cage picking up an impressive victory over Andy Header on last night's PPW High Voltage. We'll see if Cage continues to be a threat in a singles division that is beginning to get stacked.


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