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PPWHV: Teddy Hart Beats Breaux Keller and Mason, Becomes No. 1 Contender for PPW Heavyweight Title

By Mike Pagano, PPW Staff Writer

This week’s main event of PPW High Voltage was a Number One Contender’s match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Our own Tom Mitchell caught up with Breaux Keller and Charles Mason before the match. Keller said that his target in the match is Charles Mason after Mason picked up a cheap win in their previous encounter after using the ropes to hit him below the belt. He talked about it being his third time in the ring with Teddy Hart and how he wants to win the rubber match between them after they both earned one previous victory in their two encounters.

Charles Mason was much more arrogant when talking about the main event. “The Billionaire Playboy” said he had something to prove after losing to KC Navarro. Mason said, “I should be going against the greatest Hart of all time, and that’s Bret Hart, but you guy put me up against Teddy Hart and Helen Keller’s nephew again.” To say Mason was confident going into this match would be a major understatement.

When the match rolled around, Teddy Hart came into the Holy Family Academy and was not alone. In true Teddy Hart fashion, he brought his cat along with him to the ring. When the match began, Hart and Keller briefly teamed up to hit Charles Mason with a double-team Canadian destroyer. Hart had Mason in position before Keller helped him finish off the move and take Mason out of the equation in the match for the time being. After some technical wrestling between Hart and Keller, Charles Mason rejoined the match in a big way. He hit a huge missile drop kick off the middle ropes into both Hart and Keller. Hart then got thrown out of the ring by Mason.

Hart rejoined the fray after Charles Mason had gained the advantage over Breaux Keller. Charles Mason continued to be a man on a mission in the match, looking like the favorite to come out with the victory in a fast-paced match between the three men. Breaux Keller then turned the tides of the match in his favor after hitting a high knee on Charles Mason. Keller then kept the advantage for a few minutes before Hart caught Keller in a crossface submission.

All three men had several chances to pick up the victory in this one. Paul Bo put it perfectly on commentary, “These guys are going at it Phil like a carpenter and a dentist, tooth and nail.” It became the Canadian destroyer show for Teddy Hart at the end of this one. The veteran hit one on Charles Mason to take him out the match before hitting two straight Canadian destroyers on Breaux Keller to pick up the victory. With this win, Teddy Hart will move on to face the winner of Austin Aries or Clutch Adams for the PPW Heavyweight Championship in Honesdale, PA.


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