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Is 2020 the Year of Facade?

By Scott Fineout

The bright neon colors of Facade and his manager Dani Mo are enough to capture the attention of even the most unobserved in the crowd of any Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling live event. The two have gained the support of so many around the ring for the “Neon Ninja's” ariel assault that few can rival – even in a stacked roster like PPW and the vast talent of high-flyer's found on the roster going into 2020.

Facade's lack of fear finds him getting into situations that most would rather see themselves out of. The uncomfortableness of just being up top provides enough motivation to climb down quickly. Facade on the other hand lives on the ropes and seemingly walks across them as if they were planks of board. His balance is something that assists his lack of fear and combines itself with an ariel assault that find most opponents staggering from the beginning of the match and out of wind by the end of it.

The ugly truth with Facade however is that he has been far from perfect in PPW. Out of the ten matches he has had in a PPW ring he's only been victorious four times. Facade has still had his opportunities to shine. A loss for the PPW Golden Ticket in 2018, his failure to wrestle the PPW Heavyweight Championship away from Evander James last year, and challenging unsuccessfully for the PPW Heavyweight Championship on the Impact Wrestling show this past November stick out (though we won't hold the Impact one against him as it was a six-way match that didn't see him get pinned.)

But in wrestling (as in life) timing is everything. His showing at the Impact show was especially strong and the reason he didn't capture the title that night wasn't really his fault. But PPW management saw Facade's ability shine in those matches in November. Facade was put into a Number One Contenders match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship at PPW Resistence in December and was victorious.

For the past few years Facade's relationship with Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling has been based on availability. “The Neon Ninja” would give all of his available dates left for the year to PPW but never really established a firm grip in Hazleton since he was never there for a long period of time.

The same could be said about the former PPW Heavyweight Champion “Hybrid” Sean Carr. Carr would be around long enough to gain some momentum and then be away from Hazleton long enough to lose it. Last year Carr made a promise to himself and his fans in Hazleton that he would stick around long enough to win the big one, the PPW Heavyweight Championship. He did that.

Now with the Neon Ninja committed to dates for the foreseeable future in Hazleton, is this Facade's year in Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling? Is this the year he – like Carr – puts his stamp on Hazleton? Or will he be another one of the growing names of talent who's been through the doors of the Holy Family Academy but never captured gold? With the dates lined up, it's now up to Facade.


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