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James Defeats ACTG to Advance to Super Show II

By: Mitchell Frantz

Evander James had prepared all month for Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling icon Mike Orlando.

When Orlando was unable to be in action for PPW Throwdown on 5th Street, James began addressing the crowd and showing his more vulnerable side. He opened up his heart to a very receptive Hazleton audience and the PPW Nation willingly accepted his transparency. James admitted that his tactics have been questionable and that he is genuinely looking to turn a new page and try to win the fans over the honest way, much to the delight of the Hazleton crowd. As he was saying this, an unexpected competitor came out to greet him.

TJ Masters came out to introduce his newest client, Adam Chandler The Great. Chandler, a hulking 6’3” and 245 pound specimen, was certainly the last person who Evander wanted to get into the ring with that night. Regardless, Evander stepped up to the challenge of not only going against ACTG, but also dealing with TJ Masters’ antics at ringside.

When the dust settled between two of the better wrestlers on the PPW roster, it would be Evander James who would end the match with his arm raised in victory.

James, who has spent his entire career in Hazleton as one of the most despised members of the entire roster with his questionable tactics that he claimed were honest, seemed a lot more genuine and pure in his most recent appearance for PPW.

Whether his change of heart remains pure or not is another question but with a date with Sean Carr upcoming at PPW Super Show II, fans will certainly be behind “The Man you can Trust.”

You can trust that.

To see Evander James take on Sean Carr you can by tickets at Tickets are now available for the April 27th show.


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