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Jason King Uses Penny Lane to Defeat Andy Header

By: Mitchell Frantz

Jason King knew that he could not take out all of Undeniable by himself.

The Devil’s Favorite Reject has had issues with Ryan Race and Undeniable dating back to October, but has seen those issues usually end with him on the wrong side of the numbers game.

At PPW Juiced, Jason King used the numbers against Undeniable, locking the group in a backstage area before his match with Undeniable member Andy Header, thus preventing the rest of the group from being able to come to ringside for their match.

Only Header and Race were not locked in at the time, which gave King something he never had before when facing Undeniable: an even playing field.

King, accompanied to the ring by Penny Lane, knew that while he had more experience and more success elsewhere than Andy Header, that Header was a more than credible opponent who could not be taken lightly.

When Andy Header looked to be nearing victory late in the match, Ryan Race began talking to the ref, which distracted the referee long enough for Penny Lane to get involved. Penny decided to give Andy Header a low blow while the referee was not paying attention, setting Jason King up to deliver his finisher and score the victory.

The shocking move felt like a necessary one and served as comeuppance for Ryan Race, as he for years now has been costing others victory by jumping up on the ropes and distracting the referee. Now, Race got a taste of his own medicine.

Andy Header was the unfortunate client of Race’s that had to deal with that karma, losing a match that would have put him in the best of graces with Ryan Race.

Now that Header has lost, it will be interesting to see if Race pins the blame on Header, or on himself for distracting the referee at an inopportune time.

For Jason King, the match proves that the veteran is more than willing to do whatever it takes to win, possibly even to the point of desperation. King wants to take out Undeniable pretty badly and will do whatever it takes to do so.

One thing is for sure, is that Undeniable better watch their backs, as they never know when King will be ready to strike next.


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