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Karissa Rivera Coming to Super Show 3

By: Mitchell Frantz

At the biggest show of the PPW calendar year, Super Show 3 on April 18th 2020, joining the team formerly known as The Ascension will be former WWE competitor Karissa Rivera!

The talented and beautiful competitor has only been in professional wrestling for two years, but has left quite the mark on the industry in that time. She has already had televised matches on NXT, SmackDown Live, Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling.

Trained by Damien Adams, the New Jersey native is quickly becoming one of the hottest names on the independent circuit. There is no telling when she may appear on a major company's screen more and more frequently.

Tickets to Super Show 3 will be available soon, but in the meantime, tickets to PPW Countdown THIS SATURDAY NIGHT are available now at!


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