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KC Navarro Looks to Rebound After Tag Team Blunder in a Match Against Rich Swann

By: Mitchell Frantz

KC Navarro looked up to Desean Pratt ahead of their tag team match against Amazing Red and Anthony Gangone at Juiced.

The 19 year old cruiserweight wanted to prove that he could keep up with the much more experienced Pratt and help score a victory over two of the most respected names on the independent scene today.

Doing so cost his team dearly.

As KC went to the top rope to go for one of his dazzling aerial assaults, his knee buckled as he went down to the ground. This allowed for Amazing Red and Anthony Gangone to pounce on their weakened opponent and score the victory for their team.

Pratt, who has had anger issues as of late, starting with his problems with Impact star KM at New Beginnings, pounced on his tag team partner after the bell and destroyed the man who idolized him in the process. It was truly a sickening and heartbreaking act by The Prince of Camden, one that Navarro will not forget about anytime soon.

Now, however, KC Navarro has a major opportunity ahead of him at Throwdown on 5th Street.

Impact’s X Division Champion Rich Swann comes to town to take on the Skyreaper in a match that could easily steal the show on any card the two wrestle on.

Swann and KC Navarro are both lightning quick competitors who are highly resilient and take to the air a good bit. With so many similarities between the men, they will both look to find some sort of advantage that could be to the detriment of the other. What that advantage is though is anybody’s guess, as the two match up so well with each other.

For Swann, Impact’s X Division Champion, this match marks his return to Hazleton for the first time since January, where he retained his X Division Championship in a classic match against Sami Callihan.

While there is no word on whether or not the X Division Championship will be up for grabs, the Skyreaper will certainly bring his A game regardless. A massive opportunity awaits KC, but only if he can get Desean Pratt out of his head first.

Will Navarro be able to pick up a massive victory over one of the best Impact has to offer? Or will Rich Swann prove to the PPW Nation why he is the X Division Champion? Will Desean Pratt try to continue to torment the Skyreaper?

Find out on March 16th at 7 pm in the Holy Family Academy as Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling presents Throwdown on 5th Street! Tickets are available now at or will be available at the door on the day of the show.


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