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Maluta Sets Sights on Pratt

By: Mitchell Frantz

Two of the best cruiserweights in the world are set to collide on March 21st when Sean Maluta returns to PPW to take on Desean Pratt!

Pratt has been gaining momentum at a rapid pace since return from injury, including last to the final two in the Resolution Rumble in January. Pratt has already cemented his place in the main event of Super Show 3 next month, where he is set to compete in a ladder match for the PPW Heavyweight Championship against champion Clutch Adams, Facade and Breaux Keller.

Last Call will serve as a great opportunity to see where Pratt stacks up of against one of the best in the world at his weight when he faces off against former Cruiserweight Classic Competitor Sean Maluta.

Last Call will not be Maluta's first appearance in PPW, as the Samoan competed for the PPW Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match with TJP and then champion Evander James.

Maluta has made his name throughout the world, particularly in WWE NXT. With a wealth of experience and being in the prime of his career all at the same time, the Anoa'i family member has all the tools to spoil The Prince of Camden's momentum.

Will Maluta be victorious this time around in PPW? Or will Pratt show why he is a main event player in Hazleton?

Find out on March 21st when PPW presents Last Call, the final stop on the road to Super Show 3! Former WWE competitor Matt Sydal (formerly known as Evan Bourne) will be in action against Clutch Adams for the PPW Heavyweight Championship. Also in attendance will be "The Neon Ninja" Facade, Andy Header, Chris Banks, The Mane Event, Johnny Moran, The Titan Outlaws, SPF, The Sambo Show and more! Tickets are available now at!


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