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Marie, Rose to Battle Once Again at Aftermath

By: Nick Uliana

April 27th at the PPW home arena of Holy Family Academy, many of the best competitors in professional wrestling traveled from near and far to compete in the biggest show of the PPW calendar, SuperShow II.

One of these matches featured two fierce and talented competitors, Nyla Rose and Christina Marie. Nyla Rose is one of the first additions All Elite Wrestling Women's roster and will be competing at Double or Nothing later this month. Christina Marie is one of the cornerstones of the PPW women's roster and a former PPW Women's Champion. Marie will not just have to compete against one of the best women`s competitors in professional wrestling but will have to battle the mental obstacles that have been torturing Marie since losing her gld to Merecedes Martinez at Throwdown on 5th Street.

The contest would start with an intense stare down between the two competitors, which would be followed by a series of vicious lockups that would result with Rose landing the first blow to Marie a she was backed into the corner. Marie would then use her agility to execute a series of rolls to avoid the grasp of Rose and would bring her to her knees with a stiff kick to the back-right knee. The former cham would follow this with a perfectly executed hurricanrana. Marie would knee Rose in the face as she was taking refuge in the corner. Rose would arise and use her power to slam Marie to mat powerfully. "The Native Beast" would continue to use her power, putting together a move series that feature physical and hard-hitting slams and power moves.

After the set of power moves, Rose would then use her sadistic side getting Marie to the ground and bending her fingers back. Marie would use her agility again and small package Rose into a cover for a 3 count but was unsuccessful. Following a series of power moves such as a back body drop, and two brutal belly to back suplexes, Nyla Rose would finally defeat Christina Marie following a powerbomb.

Will Christina Marie be able to bounce back at Aftermath, where she will Rose a second consecutive month? Or will the AEW star show the former champ why she is one of the most feared women in professional wrestling today?

Find out all of this and more as PPW presents Aftermath! Tickets can be found at Get yours today!


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